Social Services

Responsibilities & Services

Charles City Social Services is a county agency that is state supervised and locally administered. The agency's purpose is to promote self-reliance and protection for residents of the County through community-based services.


To be the leader in providing an exceptional customer service experience to the residents of Charles City County through our social services programs.


We encourage self-reliance for residents while ensuring the safety and well-being of our vulnerable population, including children, adults with disabilities, and seniors.


  • Our services acknowledge our customers as part of a family system.
  • We empower our customers by building on their strengths.
  • We provide culturally sensitive interactions and services.


  • We believe in the dignity of all individuals.
  • We treat all customers with respect and empathy.
  • We are ethical, trustworthy, and accountable in our interactions with customers.
  • We believe all individuals have worth.


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