Animal Control

Call 911 for emergencies such as, animal bites, suspected rabid animals and/or livestock in the highway.

About Animal Control

The Charles City County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Unit investigates animal cruelty, issues licenses, enforces rabies laws, picks up stray / vicious animals and provides lost and found service. The Animal Control Officers also provide humane care for stray, abused and lost domestic animals (dogs, cats, fowl, poultry, livestock), and conduct adoptions.

Shelter Hours

(Effective 3/20/2023)


For any calls regarding wildlife (snakes, skunks, raccoons, deer, etc.), please contact the local Game and Inland Fisheries located at:

3801 John Tyler Memorial Highway
Charles City, VA 23030

Phone: 804-829-6580

Animal Control does not handle wild animals unless the situation involves exposure with a potentially rabid animal.

Animal Carcasses

To report an animal carcass on or along the road, please contact Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) at 800-367-7623. The local VDOT office is located at:

9600 Courthouse Road
Charles City, VA 23030

Phone: 804-829-2442