Rabies Clinic

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All dogs and cats four months or older must have a current rabies vaccination. Charles City County Animal Control Rabies Clinic’s are a service provided to the county’s citizens to help fight the spread of the rabies disease in domestic animals, and Humans. The clinics are held three times a year (every four months). 

The clinics are normally held on the first (1st) Saturday in:

  • February
  • June
  • October

Call for exact dates and times, or look for the many posters that are put up around the county. The Fee for the clinic is at a reduced rate of currently only eight dollars ($8, subject to change without notice) dollars per animal.

You do not have to be a Charles City County resident to have your cat and / or dog vaccinated!  This service is provided to ensure that all animals are vaccinated against the rabies virus.


Charles City County Government Administration Building
10900 Courthouse Road
Charles City, VA 23030

The Process

The Veterinarian will administer the rabies shot to your animals in your vehicle. Therefore, the use of pet carriers and/or leashes are strongly recommended. Afterward, you just need to get your paperwork, rabies tag, and pay for the shot(s). 

As an extended service, the Treasurers office is normally open during the February clinic so that you may also purchase your dog license at the same time. Dog licenses must be purchased yearly by February 1st. Always ensure your animals are up to date on vaccinations and licenses. Violations will result in a summons to court.

Shot Expiration

As a reminder your pets first shot will protect it for a year. All shots after the first will give protection for three years. As long as the vaccination will not expire dog licenses can be purchased for up to three years.


The County license and rabies vaccination tag must be worn by your animals at all times; it serves as their identification. If they were to ever be picked up, it would be easy for them to be returned to you, otherwise, they would be considered a stray. If you own an animal, please be a responsible owner, make sure your pet has their County license, rabies vaccination tag and if possible, an identification plate on them at all times.


From time to time, Animal Control will conduct door to door checks to ensure that all dog and cats four (4) months and older are properly vaccinated and licensed, if required. If your animal is licensed and / or vaccinated, please make sure to keep your paperwork in a safe place. This paperwork is your proof that your animal is properly licensed and / or vaccinated whether you are part of a door to door check or you are having to pick your animal up from the pound because they were picked up by Animal Control. Not having your animal properly vaccinated and licensed could result in the issuance of a summons.