Leash Law

Leash Law Effective Dates

  • Effective Dates: March 1st through August 1st

The leash law is a confinement law designed to keep the unwanted animal population down. Seventy-five (75%) of all female animals go into heat during these months. Wild animals have their young during this time and dogs tend to kill the young.

Animal Control Notice leash from March 1 to August 1


Therefore, every year at this time, all dogs not permitted to leave the owners property unless accompanied by the owner and under the owners immediate control at all times in compliance with 3-11 of the Charles City County Code. Violators will receive a summons from Animal Control Officers. No animals in public without being Handicap Certified. All violators will receive citations from the Animal Control Officer. Questions or concerns, contact the Animal Control Officer.

Animals picked up in violation will be subject to a pick up fee.