Chaplain Program

About the Chaplain

The sheriff’s chaplain is an area pastor appointed to serve the department. His/her responsibility is to provide counseling and support to law enforcement personnel and the public, both in normal circumstances and in times of crises.

The chaplain is available to counsel with any officer or staff member at any time, but especially when personal or professional crises arise. This may include family tensions, job stress, or any number of other situations. The chaplain is also available when a law enforcement officer desires advise from a “pastoral,” rather than a “police,” perspective.

The chaplain will not replace your own pastor and has no desire to interfere with his / her ministry with you. The chaplain is available when there is a situation you feel uncomfortable sharing with your own pastor, or when what concerns you should not be shared with non-law enforcement personnel. He / she is also available to you when you are unable to reach your pastor.


  • Be available to assist you in your official duties (e.g. death notifications, on-scene support, aid to victims or survivors of accidents, fire or crimes)
  • Visit sick or injured employees
  • Be available to assist families of officers and other personnel in traumatic situations
  • Be a “listening post” for professional, personal or family needs
  • Ride-alongs, invocations, presiding at weddings, funerals, or other religious events
  • Provide input regarding community problems, needs, concerns and interests

When to Call

Anytime you, your family or someone you are dealing with can benefit from support and aid, call 804-829-9265.


The chaplain is on call to assist you 24 hours a day.


Although the chaplain is attached to the Charles City County Sheriff’s Office, he is available for any county, state, and federal.


The Sheriff’s Office communications officer can make contact for you by calling 804-829-9265.