Sheriff's from the Past

Sheriff Milton Lampkin portrait

Sheriff Milton Lampkin

  • Years Served: 1924 to1968  

Sheriff James Bradby portrait

Sheriff James Bradby

  • Years Served: 1968 to 1968
Sheriff Irving Newcomb portrait

Sheriff Irving Newcomb

  • Years Served: 1968 to 1975
Sheriff Harmon White portrait

Sheriff Harmon White

  • Years Served:  1975 to 1984
Sheriff James Bowman portrait

Sheriff James Bowman

  • Years Served: 1984 to 1996
Sheriff Beverly A Washington, Sr portrait

Sheriff Beverly A Washington, Sr.

  • Years Served: 1996 to 2008
Sheriff Javier J Smith portrait

Sheriff Javier J Smith

  • Years Served: 2008 to 2016
Sheriff web

Sheriff Alan M. Jones, Sr.

  • Years Served: 2016 to Present