Pre- Employment Checks

Pre-Employment Checks


Background Checks

A pre-hire background check will be made on most applicants selected for employment. It may include checks of your criminal background records, driving record, education, professional licenses and credit history. You may be required to sign a release authorizing the county to obtain your background information.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Some applicants will be required to pass a urine drug and alcohol screening as a condition of employment. The hiring agency will schedule the test with an approved certified laboratory at the county’s expense. The test must be completed prior to starting work.

The test will detect the presence of alcohol for up to 24 hours and the presence of numerous drugs for longer periods of time. The applicant will be given an opportunity to identify any prescription or over-the-counter drugs taken. Charles City County Government follows professionally-accepted practices for ensuring privacy, accuracy, and confidentiality.

If the specimen is found to be positive for drugs and/or alcohol, applicants are entitled to have the same specimen tested independently at a different certified laboratory at the applicant’s own expense.