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Charles City County Parks and Recreation strives to work with the Charles City community to eliminate fees as a barrier to participation in classes, camps, and activities. No child should be left out of the fun simply because their income is limited or due to a temporary financial restraint. 

Financial scholarships are awarded to Charles City County residents on a fiscal year basis (July 1 through June 30).  Parks and Recreation offers individuals and families financial scholarships to cover activity fees thanks in part to T-shirt sales, fundraisers and donations from businesses, and individuals, 

Donations to help support this program are accepted year-round and are always appreciated!  Donations can be made online or in person, by phone, or by mail at any Parks and Recreation office.

Scholarship Application: (Click Here - Printable)  |  Scholarship Application: (Click Here - Fillable)

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Parks and Recreation Scholarships are available for youth residents of Charles City County 0-18 years of age only. Scholarships are awarded at a maximum amount of $50 award per person, per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Participants can use the $50 award towards the cost of all Charles City County Parks and Recreation programs. 


The Department of Parks and Recreation has a limited number of full and partial scholarships available for children who wish to participate in programs. The maximum amount of any scholarship awarded shall not exceed $50.00 per person, per fiscal year. Additional costs (material fees, uniforms, etc.) above the initial registration fee are not included. 

All scholarships, regardless of need, are limited by donated funds and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Residents of the Charles City County are eligible to apply for a scholarship for a child, 18 years of age and under, in their immediate family. 


  • Full Award Amount: If your income is between 0 and 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you can receive the full award amount of $50.00 off the cost of activities, camps and classes per family member per fiscal year. 
  • Partial Award Amount: If you do not meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines but can provide a self-attestation of a request for need. 


  • Fees for non-scholarship recipients
  • Classes that require students pay at the class or directly to the instructor
  • Reservations or rentals
  • Late-fees


  • Scholarship funds cannot be shared.  Funds can only be used for individuals listed on your scholarship application. 
  • All information such as name, current mailing address, etc. must be filled in completely and accurately.  Each application is carefully reviewed and approved or denied based on the information provided by you. 
  • Scholarship funds expire June 30th of each year.  Unused funds cannot be rolled over.  The department accepts new applications July 1st of each year. 
  • All refund request forms must meet the Department’s Refund Request Policy.   Refunds will be issued as a credit back to the participants account and will not be issued back as cash value.   
  • Late Fees incurred can not be paid with scholarship funds. 


  • STEP 1: Submit your application through our online form. Complete the entire application and upload required documentation or include a self-attestation statement. All applications and information are kept strictly confidential.
  • STEP 2: You will need an online registration account. You may create an CivicRec account by going to  You will need to create an account for you and your child(ren). 
  • STEP 3: Your application will be processed and reviewed for approval on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be notified of the status of your application by email within three weeks.
  • STEP 4: Scholarships are awarded for a maximum of $50.00 of the program registration fee. If your child(ren) are awarded a scholarship, the online account that you created will be credited with the approved award. If the program registration fee is less than the amount awarded, a scholarship credit will remain on your account for future programmatic use.  Please note: Parents/Guardians are responsible for registering your child(ren) in the Parks and Recreation program of choice. The scholarship will show as a credit on your account, and you will be able to select it to pay for registration. The balance of the program fee is due at the time of registration. Program fees can be paid in-person or online.


  • Partial Scholarship Verification: (Verification Documents NOT Required)
    • Self-Attestation Statement
      • Used if the Parent/Guardian of the applicant experienced a significant decrease of income, if experienced an increase in household expenses, or is experiencing financial hardship. 
  • Full Scholarship Verification: (Verification Documents ARERequired)
    • Residency: Applicant must provide proof of residency at time of application.  
      • Applicant can be verified by school (if permission granted) or
      • Applicant can provide ONE of the following acceptable documents.
        • A utility bill less than 90 days old; or 
        • Current Virginia License or ID card with address; or 
        • School enrollment documentation
    • Proof of Age: Applicant must provide proof of age at time of application.
      • Applicant can provide school enrollment documentation; or 
      • Applicant can be verified by school (if permission granted)
    • Proof of Income: Applicant must provide proof of income at time of application.
      • Applicant can be verified by Social Services (if permission granted) or 
      • Applicant can provide ONE of the following acceptable documents.
        • Proof of Public Assistance: SSI, WIC, food stamps, TANF, Medicaid, foster or institutionalized child. Verification forms must show child-specific information to qualify; or
        • Verification of eligibility provided through Virginia Department of Health; or
        • Copy of most recent paycheck for all those currently employed; or
        • Copy of the front page of most recent tax returns; or 
        • Copy of your letter outlining your Social Security Benefits; or 
        • Copy of your letter outlining your WIC Benefits; or 
        • Copy of Unemployment Benefits statement; or 

Scholarship Application: (Click Here - Printable)  |  Scholarship Application: (Click Here - Fillable)

Applications can be submitted to: or can be mailed to Parks & Recreation, PO Box 128, Charles City, VA 23030, or can be dropped off at The Social Center, 8320 Ruthville Road, Providence Forge, VA 23140 or at the Ruthville Complex, 13100 The Glebe Lane, Charles City, VA 23030.